Monday, January 25, 2010

Research and Learning the Framework

Last week I created my proposal and began my research.

This week I will be continuing researching work related to overlays. Unfortunately, the term "overlay" is not universal and the method of interest could be published under different terminology. I will be doing a thorough search over the next few weeks to find more related works.

I will also be getting used to the code framework this week. I will be building the code and learning how to implement new functionality within it.

Project Abstract

Blending is a fundamental method of generating new motions for character animation in video games. One particular type of motion blending known as overlays is widely used in the video game industry but has not been significantly explored in research literature. Overlays allow you to combine the upper body of one character motion with the lower body of another character motion. For example, you can combine a motion of a character drinking a cup of water with a motion of a character walking to obtain a single composition of the two motions, a character drinking water while walking. As it is difficult to capture every combination of motion desired, overlays provide a powerful and efficient alternative.

The purpose of this project will be to explore methods in implementing overlays and how they may be used in video games. The initial step will involve creating an interface to transplant the upper body of one character motion to the lower body of another character motion to create a composite character motion, without considering the quality of the result. The next step will be automating the generation of these overlays by considering how physically correct the resulting motion would be as well as taking into account any other necessary constraints to create character motions that look human. The final part of the project will be using the generated overlay motions in a game environment to examine the results.